A deep dive into the AFW website archive of 2022

The end of the year is a time that goes hand in hand with looking back. For AFW in particular, a time to reflect on the fashion landscape as a whole, as well as the shows, performances and experiences we have hosted in September. Serving as an overview of the Dutch fashion scene in particular, the AFW website features important collections, interesting new designers and overall trends that are worth taking a look at. Hence, for this throwback moment, we dove into our website archive to revisit our favourite interviews, articles, and most memorable show reports of 2022.


A renewed MARTAN kicks off AFW in September
Amsterdam Fashion Week was the first platform that was able to sit down with the three co-founders behind the renewed MARTAN. Eugénie Haitsma Mulier and Douwe de Boer as well as original founder Diek Pothoven gave us a full scope on the future of the renewed MARTAN and the design choices behind their new ready-to-wear line. As MARTAN was first and foremost grounded in theatral (fashion) experiences, the interview lays bare the thought process behind the creation of their brilliant opening performance during AFW Edition 2022. For the full interview, click here.

De Grote Kunstshow with Bas Kosters brings fashion to the theater
It hardly occurs that fashion designers give away the secrets behind their creations. Bas Kosters, renown Dutch fashion designer and artist, was happy to make an exception for De Grote Kunstshow. Unique in its format, De Grote Kunstshow brings together visual art, fashion, and other creative expressions in a multidisciplinary manner in theater halls. The sterile environment of a museum thus makes way for a stage where people can experience art in different ways. The show took Kosters’ works to theaters all over The Netherlands, and touched upon topics such as gender identity, vulnerability, sadness and hope. For the full rundown of the show, click here.

Show report AFW Edition 2022: Wandler
We first got acquainted with the unique storytelling abilities of Dutch accessory brand Wandler at AFW September 2021, during which they transformed an abandoned petrol station into a sound guided installation; one of the most memorable AFW moments thus far. For our 2022 Edition, the brand celebrated its 5th year anniversary with a lavish birthday bash, delivering a layered experience of different creatives disciplines yet again. For the full show report and a walk-through of the night itself, click here.

Democratic fashion collective Patchwork Family talks Humanoid, Club Church and new members
AFW met Marco Blazevic at his graduation presentation for Lichting during AFW September 2021. As we followed his journey from winning second place to starting a democratic fashion collective last year, the most recent interview with all members of ‘The Patchwork Family’ was one we look back on very fondly. The interview delves into the roles of each individual member and marks the first time the collective announced its international 2023 upcycling tour. For the full conversation, click here.

Show Report: Rietveld Academy fashion show 2022
After two years of fashion graduates not having the opportunity to finish their four-year study with a proper graduation show, the Rietveld Academy fashion show 2022 conveyed the creative and innovative ways in which fashion can be presented, and the importance of a much-needed physical experience, in contrast to a digital one. The show mimicked a fun fair where the crowd chased the graduation collections from one corner of a massive trade hall to another. Spoken word, performance and installation work alternated each other and brought forward some of the most talented design talents we’ve seen in a while. For an overview of the spectacular show, as well as the design graduates of 2022, click here.

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