AFW and Wanrooij Gallery bring artists and designers together in new exhibition

In line with the solo exhibition of Dutch contemporary artist Eelco Hilgersom, AFW has partnered with Wanrooij Gallery for an exciting event where art meets fashion design. As AFW and Wanrooij Gallery bring together designers and artists, their merged creative vision results in unique works that blur the line of art and fashion.


Wanrooij Gallery presents ‘Abstract Reflections of nature’s beauty’
Amsterdam’s Wanrooij Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Dutch contemporary artist Eelco Hilgersom, from the 31st of August 2023 (opening night) until the 14th of October 2023. The exhibition ‘Abstract reflections of nature’s beauty’ showcases Hilgersom’s abstract works inspired by nature’s architecture and structures. Alongside his solo exhibition, Hilgersom joins forces with upcoming fashion designer and ArtEZ ’23 graduate Just Knoop. Their collaborative effort that is mainly rooted in abstraction and colour, results in a tableau vivant where lifesized clutch art works inspired by Just Knoop’s collection will be accompanied by Just Knoop’s creations. Eelco’s limited edition clutches are made from used sunglasses.

 AFW x Wanrooij Gallery
To kick off Hilgersom’s exhibition, AFW and Wanrooij Gallery gathered four more artists and designers to showcase brand new work. Whilst Dutch creator RAIDER collaborates with PAL Sporting Goods to present a new perspective on his sculptural character ‘Scoop’, Amsterdam-based street artist Frankey collaborates with waterproof outerwear brand GOFRANCK. Dutch typographical artist and designer Ceizer takes on Wanrooij Gallery with his colourful abstract compositions. Lastly, known for her resin ice cream sculptures, Lola Luk showcases new artwork exclusively for Amsterdam Fashion Week.

‘Abstract Reflections of nature’s beauty’ will be showcased at Wanrooij Gallery from the 1st of September until the 14th of October and is open to public. The AFW x Wanrooij Gallery showcase will take place on the 31st of August at 2PM and is invite only.

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