Bud supports repurposing fashion brand Atelier Reservé during AFW

From supporting AFW designers like Daniëlle Cathari and Mulas Hybrid Haus, to creating a merch line with Dutch fashion brand REconstruct; Bud is committed to support emerging talent, and has gained a prominent position within the Dutch fashion industry over the last couple of years. During AFW Edition 2022, the beer brand will support the boys behind ‘Atelier Reservé’, a fashion brand by visual artist Alljan Moehamad & designer Deyrinio Fraenk, which focuses on bringing old stock fabrics, used materials and vintage garments back to life through one-of-a-kind pieces. We sat down with both parties to talk about their upcoming collaboration.


How did your collaboration come about? Is there any common ground between Atelier Reservé and Bud?
Reserveboys: “There are definitely common interests. We believe that Bud is very supportive with regard to innovative parties, in this case Atelier Reservé with sustainability as a permanent focus. Furthermore, we both find it important to bring our lifestyle together through performance vs. audience.”

Bud: “For Bud, it is important to support upcoming talent that have a strong emphasis on sustainability. We produce our beer with 100 % sustainable energy, hence we love to offer a platform to creatives that produce sustainably. We’re also drawn to diverse creatives who dream big and show ambition. These are character traits we found in the designers behind Atelier Reservé, who are not afraid to follow their own path and also combine different disciplines, such as music, dance and fashion.”

Reserveboys, you were already participant of The HUB by AFW last year. How did you experience this?
Reserveboys: “The HUB was certainly a fun project and a great showcase for us, but a brand like Atelier Reservé needs a bigger stage, and that’s what we’ve worked towards this year!”

During AFW edition 2022, however, you’re on the AFW schedule with a full solo show. What are the biggest challenges involved?
Reserveboys: “Merging our trains of thought so that everything comes together organically.”

Japan is your biggest source of inspiration. What do you think is Japan’s visual power and how do you implement this in Atelier Reservé’s clothing?
Reserveboys: “For us, Japan is the opposite of what is happening here. We’re inspired by everything that is seen as “different” here in The Netherlands. The ‘East meets West’ idea. We believe in this way you can break through a commercial way of thinking.”

Atelier Reservé does everything in its power to produce its designs as sustainably as possible. Is working exclusively with one-of-a-kind pieces the solution?
Reserveboys: “You can’t do everything to make the world a better place. The bigger you get, the more you have to think about alternatives, such as working with companies that produce sustainably, washing facilities for denim that use less water, or factories that have good working conditions. However, in our opinion nothing is more effective than producing “one-of-a-kind” outfits from old fabrics.”

Bud, do you have any other exciting creative collaborations coming up?
Bud: “Recently, we’ve launched our “Dare to Dream” campaign. Focused on challenging people to pursue their dream, we asked everyone to send us their biggest wish in personalised bottles. We’ve received more than 2.000 dream bottles and were able to make some come true, including the dream of Tommie Brink, a sneaker collector that wanted to design his own customised pair. In September we will of course be supporting the show of Atelier Reservé, and afterwards we continue to use our platform to provide a stage for young talent. I can’t reveal our exact plans yet, but I can assure you they’re very exciting!”

What can we expect from this collaboration during Amsterdam Fashion Week?
Reserveboys: “Expect anything and everything, except a traditional runway show.”

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