Look of the day: Seventies Chic

Every day a Chef de Cabine chooses her favourite look of the day and explains how you can achieve it at home in five easy steps. Today, Kirsti Solberg chose the look: ‘Seventies Chic’ she created for the show of Claes Iversen.


Products: Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam, Shaper Fierce

Tools: Big comb, hairclips, diffuser
Difficulty (1 is very easy and 5 is pretty complicated):  2
Occasion: Going to a casual party

5 steps away:
1. Start with dry hair and add waterspray
2. Make sure to apply Thickefy Foam throughout all the hair by using a big comb
3. Comb the front of the hair creating a curtain fringe and clip it in front of the ears with hairclips
4. Use the diffusor to dry it completely, take out the clips and loosen up the hair with your fingertips
5. Add Shaper Fierce allover and you are ready to go!


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