New Amsterdam Surf Association took AFW on a typical Dutch surf experience

As the afternoon of AFW Edition 2023 day 2 arrived, Dutch surf apparel brand New Amsterdam Surf Association (NASA) swept us away from the busy streets of Amsterdam to a journey inspired by the timeless pursuit of surfing. The experience, meticulously crafted to immerse the audience in the ethos of braving the elements, was none other than a daring escapade with the NASA Surf Team on their expedition from the heart of Amsterdam to the serene shores of Wijk aan Zee.

Encapsulating the essence of resilience and adventure, we joined NASA founder Paul Zeper and his surf crew on a typical Dutch surf day. With the moody and evocative nuances of Dutch weather on our side, the experience started in a dark room with wind sounds gusting through the speakers. The ever-changing Dutch skies, painted with clouds, served as a backdrop against which the journey unfolded. Eventually, we arrived at Wijk Aan Zee, a local Dutch beach with sandy dunes, the waves of the sea gushing in the background. On the 31st of September, the second day of AFW Edition 2023, we were fortunate enough to have entered the place that NASA calls home. A deep-green lacquer jacket and a poison-green knitted bucket hat hung as if they’re getting swept up by the wind, almost leading us to believe we were at our final destination. The surfboards against the walls and beach bar in the corner were the final finishing touches that made this experience feel like the real deal. In collaboration with Studio Rowan Sirira, iso Amsterdam truly transformed its halls into an outdoor adventure.

Photo: Olivia Witmond

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