Open to public: AFW Talks 2023

The AFW Talks return for a third year in a row as a proven highlight on the Amsterdam Fashion Week schedule. For its 2023 Edition, we delve into the embracing of unplanned beauty in the world of fashion, sustainability from both a consumer and an industry perspective, and the rapid changes within the world of modern menswear. Hosted within The HUB by AFW, industry experts engage in thought-provoking discussions, each bringing their distinctive expertise to the table. Discover how to secure your spot on September 1st and 2nd.


“Embracing Unplanned Beauty in Fashion” with Esmay Wagemans
On the 1st of September, moderator Cathelijne Blok delves into the world of renowned sci-fi artist Esmay Wagemans, resulting in a captivating talk that delves into the fusion of human imagination and artificial intelligence in the fashion world. Explore the intriguing fusion of human imagination and artificial intelligence in the fashion world, uncover the creative power of imperfections, delve into AI’s role in fostering genuine fashion artistry, and the allure of “Embracing Unplanned Beauty in Fashion.”  . This Talk is a must-attend for those fascinated by the evolving interplay of imagination, technology, and the future of fashion.

Friday September 1st, 11 AM

How can we make fashion a force for good?
Whilst sustainability has gained widespread recognition, the fashion industry’s progress towards positive change has been slow. In this talk, Nanette Hogervorst (Founder SFGC), Chanel Trapman (Filmmaker & Founder Mumster), Sara Dubbeldam (Sustainable fashion journalist and activist), Reina Ovinge (Founder The Knitwit Stable) and Vincenzo Fornoni (Head of Business Development at True Cost Label) come together to share their insights on the collective motivations that propel us forward, and delve into the shared interests that bridge the gap between industry and consumers. Lead by moderator Shaquille Joy, this unique gathering has been made possible by the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card (SFGC), an organisation committed to promoting sustainable practices in the fashion world.

Saturday September 2nd, 10 AM

 Talk 3: Shaping the landscape of modern menswear
In the realm of menswear, the traditional staples of hoodies, tracksuits, and sneakers are undergoing a remarkable evolution. The contemporary menswear scene now embraces bold colours, striking silhouettes, and refined shirting, departing from convention in style. Join us for an enlightening Talk as Amsterdam Fashion Week brings together key figures leading this exciting shift, including Wouter Leenders (Founder Ansh46), Regi Schalks (Creative Director of Flâneur), and Afeez Amao (Founder ‘TRENDSBYAFEEZ). They will share profound insights into the driving forces behind this menswear transformation, shedding light on the creative inspirations propelling these groundbreaking changes. The third and final AFW talk will be moderated by YOUNG / The Agency.

Saturday September 2nd , 11 AM

Open to public
This year, the AFW Talks are once again open to public and will take place at Fosbury & Sons Prinsengracht. RSVP by sending us an email at TALK@AMSTERDAMFASHIONWEEK.NL and specify  which AFW Talk you would like to attend. Moreover, The AFW Talks 2023 will be livestreamed on the Amsterdam Fashion Week Instagram: @amsterdamfashionweek.

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