Open to public: The HUB by AFW 2022

From September 2nd to September 3rd, The Collection will offer its building once again to The HUB by AFW. Immerse yourself in the world of fashion by attending exciting talks, shows and performances, and get inspired by a curated selection of works from fashion brands, designers and artists.


Open to public
After last year’s great success, The HUB will be held for a second time during Amsterdam Fashion Week, resulting in an interactive shop which hosts the best emerging brands from The Netherlands and Belgium. Open on September 2nd and 3rd in the city centre of Amsterdam, the multiple story space will allow participating brands to interact and collaborate with others. Rounding out the experience during this two-day event, The HUB also features a customisation station where you can get your newly bought items customised by Haute Borduur and Take Your Aim. Beats by relevant artists and DJs will be playing in the background, drinks by Belvedere and Armand de Brignac, and food by the Vegan Sushi Bar will be provided.

The AFW x TikTok Wardrobes
Part of The HUB are the TikTok Wardrobes. Here, an area will be dedicated to four leading fashion pioneers. Yeliz Çiçek (Editor-in-Chief Vogue), Anke de Jong (Editor-in-Chief ELLE), Nathalie Robberse (Founder of TEN Women) and Jade van Weel (Content Creator) share their favourite items from their own wardrobe, for you to try on and create your own #TikTokWardrobe experience.

TikTok Ambassadors
If you can’t attend The HUB, our TikTok ambassadors will guide you through the entire program on the AFW TikTok channel. Marthe Woertman and Dylan Hasselbaink give exclusive pre-access to our talks, shows and podcasts. Don’t miss any of their (live) updates!

AFW Industry Talks
The HUB is the official location of the AFW Industry Podcast & Talks Edition 2022. Here, a line-up of industry professionals including EIC of Vogue Yeliz Cicek, PATTA’s Timothy Sabajo, stylist Lissa Brandon and founder of Gem Faces Ami Keita tackle topics such as entrepreneurship, identity and community from a myriad of perspectives. If you would like to attend, please email us at

The Schedule
Talk I ‘How to get into the fashion industry as a young talent?’ 11AM – 12PM
The HUB open to public 1 – 7PM
Drinks & Beats by Jade 3 – 5PM
Drinks & Beats BY Arantxa Oosterwolde 5 – 6PM
Drinks & Beats by Covergirl Sunny powered by Belvedere 6 – 7PM

Talk II ‘Fashion & Music’ 11AM – 12PM
The HUB open to public 12 – 7PM
Drinks & Beats by ELLE 3 – 5PM
Drinks & Beats by Stewww 5 –7PM

Participating fashion brands/designers
Salon Heleen Hülsmann
Salon Heleen Hülsmann focusses on pre-loved luxury fashion, hand-picked and curated items. Instead of delving into vintage, the store carefully selects items from recent collections.

Inner Child
Inner Child is an online fashion brand that sells one-of-a-kind upcycled items. Founded in 2021 by Ina Van Vaerenbergh in Antwerp, the brand’s mix of bright colours, cool prints and funky textiles finally allows anyone to bring out their inner child once again.

Melati is a fashion and lifestyle brand, journaling on one-off pieces that contribute to positive impact. Inspired by their homes and the mechanism of a flower, the brand offers a luxury sensation through versatile designs with an innate aesthetic.

Les Mères
Evocative, emotional and endearing are words that describe jewellery from Les Mères which means “The Mothers” in French. Each piece is an ode to the perfectly imperfect journey of every woman. Overflowing in organic beauty and style, Kim Harmsen’s passionate designs remind us of a beautiful bond we all identify with; motherhood.

Streim is a new brand founded by the people behind Shoebaloo. Designed by Poyan Rahimzadeh, the footwear brand strives to be fashion-forward and produce shoes that last for years. Streim stands for legacy-grade designs, is distinctive when it comes to details, and aims to be uniform sufficient so that everyone can wear them.

Creating men’s suits for women, Studiolizv is a brand that stands for strength, sustainability and uniqueness. Every item is one-of-a-kind and made out of recycled materials.

Catwalk Junkie
Amsterdam based fashion brand Catwalk Junkie presents the Second Skin Seamless collection as part of their Comfort Studio line. Offering seasonless, sustainable seamless- and comfort wear. Timeless and available throughout the year.

Estafette Studios
Estafette Studios is a fashion label founded in 2017 by two brothers from the south of the Netherlands. Creating clean, simple ad symmetric designs, without taking things too seriously; the brand calls itself the home of the ticket tee.

Nadie Studio items are made of repurposed knitwear and hand-knitted accessories dyed by visual artist Nadie Borggreve. All Nadie Studio pieces are made from 100% wool.

Fabien Zou
The eponymous brand Fabien Zou is an ode to poise, will-power and freedom. Inspired by the Creative Director’s journey as well as his Guadeloupean heritage, the brand reinterprets the definition of perceived genders across cultures, how these are expressed through the medium of fashion and the subjective meaning of beauty.

Omniå is an ethos of high-quality products, strong futurist and contemporary designs combined with functionality. The involvement of addressing socio-political matters is what brought the four mixed-heritage creatives together. Metamorphosing their rave identity into the brand Omniå.

Teym sets a new bar for sustainable fashion by building One Impeccable Wardrobe. Developed in their Amsterdam atelier and made in Europe, Teym’s products guarantee outstanding design, expert quality and honest production at a fair price.

GAMEFACE is a bodysculpting womenswear brand. GAMEFACE researched the body shapes of the world’s most iconic women and based their Visual Body Sculpting™ line work on it. All garments are made by hand by the two founders in their atelier in Amsterdam where the brand also provides a made-to-measure service.

Aline Van Hulle
Aline Van Hulle is a slow fashion brand founded in 2021. All pieces are non-seasonal and available all year round. Playful, feminine, energetic and elegant at the same time; its collection is perfect for mix-and-matching to create a durable wardrobe.

XHOSA designs for unique individuals who want to stand out in a crowd. Inspired by culture, innovation, and traditions; XHOSA is all about style over seasons.

Loys.Laundry is an Amsterdam and Barcelona-based brand founded by Cedrique Loyson. By locally customizing and tailoring exclusive men’s blazers, they aim to break with traditional masculine and feminine stereotypes and support the sustainable clothing movement.

STIEGLITZ is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand, inspiring women to embrace their inner fire. The core of their business revolves around female empowerment and the representation of the world’s diverse cultural heritage through timeless clothing apparel and accessories.

Dechase is a footwear brand that merges contemporary design with African heritage. They are one of the first leather shoe brands to be produced chrome-free in Africa and their products are handmade in Ethiopia.

Izabo is a jewellery designer that focusses on organic, flowy, funky, bold, yet passionate and intriguing designs. Izabo’s pieces are all imperfect and encourage liberation, confidence and strength.

Based in Amsterdam, Nissue is a luxury leather goods label founded by Nathalie Brasser. Made in Italy, the structured bags are crafted from wood and then carefully covered by hand in smooth calf leather. The embodiment of elevated classics, transcending the everyday trend.

Le Bonnet
As a brand in current society, Le Bonnet aims for sustainability and durability by using natural fibers only. All products are 100% degradable. The ‘Made in Scotland’ label on their bonnets stand for craftmanship and quality.

Jan Jansen
Jan Jansen is an authentic “Amsterdammer” with international allure. He exclusively designs shoes that are a loving ode to women and their sensuality, willpower and individuality. In 2022, the designer is back with a flamboyant new collection that balances on the razor-thin edge where art, innovation and comfort meet.

The ByDanie fringe jackets are made of high-quality washed suede. This Rock&Roll collection is timeless and easy to combine with anything. The fringe jackets are designed by Danie Bles in different funky colours, some even have golden studs. The ByDanie vintage store is filled with reassures from the biggest designers.

Liss Classics
Liss has made it her mission to always stand for women’s rights. Her shirts represent being in solidarity with women, the beauty of an equal connection between male and female energy. Her shirts are made to focus on yourself above anything else.

Participating artists
Mika Guasp
Mika Guasp is an artist with Spanish roots. During her childhood she developed a fascination for the fashion industry and collected clippings from different fashion magazines. Eventually these clippings evolved into her unique collages referring to her pure and original love for fashion as an art form.

Julie Haverkamp
Julie Haverkamp is a Dutch artist with a fashion background. At the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, she picked up drawing and portraits became her favourite practice. Focussing on design, colour, shapes and texture, she has created her first collection of paintings to share.

Art in Return
Amsterdam based Annemieke van Beek has worked in fashion as creative director for 25 years. Her endless love for art inspired her to change her career; creating inspiring artworks for all to enjoy. Her work is graphic, minimalistic, rustic and is always playing with light and shadow. As an artist, she loves the eternal flow of creative and positive energy.

Nicolette Bénard
Nicolette Bénard is a visual artist and jewellery designer from The Netherlands. Her practice embodies the art of transformation, with the intersection of perfection and imperfection a primary theme.

Tim Wes
Tim Wes is a musician and artist challenging the expressing of the universal perception of art with his disruptively healing vision of transcendent making.

One Trick
One Trick is an artist duo based in Amsterdam. They specialise in premium candles in a space overrun with low quality and mundane. Today, they make candles, but tomorrow, who knows?

By Frenchie
By Frenchie (Fransje Calf, 28) is an Amsterdam based painter, director & graphic designer. With her use of pastels and portraying of flowing bodies, Fransje’s soothing art is both easily uniquely recognizable and uniquely empowering.

Victor de Groot is a young Dutch artist often using satire or comical styles to reflect back on beauty. Using objects, customs or situations and transforming these using his recognizable visual language, he specializes in interior architecture and furniture design and creates handmade plexiglass interior and display items.

Ti Sento Milano
Ti Sento Milano reshaped the way we look at jewelry. The brand’s collection is high quality, timeless and never out of style and its focus lies on statement items to mix & match.

Participating beauty brands
Routinely is an award-winning skincare brand that believes in minimalist routines that give you peace of mind. Born in Amsterdam, made in Switzerland and always vegan, allergen- and cruelty-free.

Participating lifestyle brands
Boekhandel Mulder
Modest in size, big in expertise, customer friendly, service and product range. Boekhandel Mulder offers a wide and versatile range in Dutch and English fiction and non-fiction, children’s books, fashion, interior and cookbooks.

Hooks Creative
With an emphatic focus on sustainability, Hooks Creative creates premium hangers, bangs and visual merchandising collections that complete a brand’s retail experience. The brand is known for translating creative visions and needs into quality, customized store objects.

vanPlestik is a design studio and sustainable production company. They Develop large-scale 3D printers that use plastic waste as raw material. Using these machines, they create unique circular products such as chairs, tables and lamps.

Atelier Kringloop
Founders Janneke and Dionne’s appreciation for a Scandinavian look-and-feel led to Atelier Kringloop; a second-hand platform and store showing how to style pre-owned design-objects based on nowadays trends.

Ju. is a Romanian based company with a Belgian design. For retailers and customers that value craftsmanship and are looking for contemporary designs, Ju. offers mouth-blown vases, lamps and furniture created with dedication.

Doff Kaleidoscopes
Doff is a high-end kaleidoscope manufacturer. Their work takes an object that is an endearing memory of bygone childhood play and transforms it into a modern-day romantic instrument of awe and wonder.

ART LOVING CRIMINAL sells unique old press photos from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Their collection contains names like Bardot, Mick Jagger, Grace Jones, Prince, Lady Di, Sophia Loren, George Michael and Run DMC; just to name a few.

ByJoa is a small aesthetic ceramic studio based in Amsterdam. All products in the ByJoa store are handmade by Marrit Jagers op Akkerhuis – Founder and owner of ByJoa. Marrit founded the platform in 2020 to push creative boundaries and experiment with materials and techniques, aside from her job as a graphic designer.

Atelier UMA
Atelier UMA sources vintage and contemporary objects and creates a go-to resource for everyone with a refined taste. They mix high-end pieces from auctions in Londen with lucky finds from marché aux puces in Paris.

Tof Boeket
Tof Boeket is a family business that has existed for three generations. They use beautiful fresh flowers, have been distinctive for years and know how to set the right tone with their creations. Cheerful, colourful, playful, sweet; they see art as the memory.

Ted. Is a multi-purpose creative space based in Amsterdam, where interior, artwork and creativity meet. Selling collectable mid-century modern vintage and new furniture pieces, contemporary artworks from local artists and unique design objects, while creating a unique space where creativity can flourish.

Hans Boodt Mannequins
Mannequins designed and made to measure or fully customised to define your brand. To match your moods and to make your statement. To be the face of your latest campaign. From initial sketch to final production.

Studio Willem Stapel
Studio Willem Stapel is a creative studio based in Amsterdam for art direction, CGI, creative consulting and everything in between. Through digital media, the studio creates unexpected beauty, storytelling, immersive experiences and more.

Fashion Racks
Fashion Racks originated from the idea of providing retailers with quick help to create a unique product presentation. For this reason, Fashion Racks has started to produce clothing racks for physical shopping environments.

Zakaria Rugs
By designing high-quality products intertwined with contemporary art, the essence of Zakaria Rugs is the appreciation for handcrafted goods, as opposed to the now-normalised fast-paced and unsustainable mass-production of goods.

Self Studies is an adult toy brand that believes every human deserves the right to enjoy love, pleasure and intimacy, whether this is with a partner(s) or simply going solo. Self Studies curates the world’s best brands and products to create a bodysafe, innovative and modern platform, no matter what your preference is.

Eager Bikes
This Hermansen E-bike is from Copenhagen and has an asymmetric frame and an invisible battery in the shape of a drinking bottle. The bike is part of a special collaboration between French fashion brand Cote & Ciel and Hermansen.

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