Open to public: Wandler presents ‘PAWS’ in collaboration with David Surman for its PS24 campaign

On the first day of Amsterdam Fashion Week Edition 2023, internationally renowned fashion brand Wandler takes on the afternoon with the opening of their first temporary art space, in collaboration with British artist David Surman. Inspired by the CoBrA movement, the brand that usually transports us to uncharted places will now inspire us in a gallery setting. After the official opening on the 30th of August, Wandler invites everyone to Stigter van Doesburg where their collection is presented.


Intrinsically linked with art, Wandler has produced some of the most memorable installations on the AFW schedule. Last year, the brand collaborated with artist Elsemarijn Bruys who wrapped the entire Van Eesteren Paviljoen into a neon green puffer-like shell. The shell became the perfect backdrop for a nightlife adventure. The same hue of neon green was found two years ago, radiating from the walls of the iconic ‘Roze Tanker’; another distinct art installation in collaboration with light artist Niki Hock. As every presentation revealed a new side of Wandler, the brand now announces it’s ready to dive into a new chapter. Moving forward with an established identity rooted in optimism, artistry and colour, Wandler opens its first Art Pop-up as part of the AFW Edition 2023 programme.

Wandler and David Surman look to the legacy of the CoBrA movement as a way to converge their values with CoBrA’s unrestrained use of strong colours, its prominence within the Amsterdam art scene, and emphasis on spontaneity, experimentation, and collaboration. This results in the pop-up art event ‘PAWS’, which marks the fusion of Wandler’s and David Surman’s creative expressions, guided by the belief in the universal creative potential of humans. Whereas the CoBrA movement took the snake as their totem, Wandler and Surman chose the totem of the dog, celebrating the enduring connection between humans and animals.

Translating Wandler’s creative vision into an Art Pop-up is London-based artist David Surman. Featuring striking kinetic animal compositions, the internationally renowned painter will create a modern fresco.

Artwork: Little Hydrangea by David Surman

“Amsterdam has a rich history of painters and designers working together in friendship, and it’s wonderful to collaborate with Wandler on this pop-up show. The motif of the dog represents innocence, freedom and optimism and I’m delighted to bring my work to the community alongside Wandler.” – David Surman

“My dogs embody the essence of family, fostering a sense of togetherness and giving a positive outlook. Their love knows no bounds. David’s art brings a profound sense of optimism. With this collaboration we beautifully show the exceptional bond shared between humans and dogs.” – Elza Wandler

Wandler’s newest PS24 colour palette takes inspiration from the work of David Surman and the CoBrA movement. Wandler’s PS24 collection will be presented alongside a selection of David Surman’s work, specifically made for this occasion. The collaboration reflects Wandler’s belief that art needs to be made more accessible and artists should be provided with a platform. Showing that a gallery can be place where anyone can feel welcomed, Wandler’s Art Pop-up will be open to public from the 31st of August until the 6th of September.  

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