Second to none: Designer and Glamcult Store co-owner Jessica van Halteren

As Amsterdam is teeming with creative personalities, we asked them about their all-time favourites. Instead of reinventing the wheel ourselves, we pick their brain on everything they swear by. For this special edition of Second to None, we’ve asked Jessica van Halteren, fashion designer and new co-owner of the Glamcult Store, to do us the honour.


Name: Jessica van Halteren
Occupation: Hybrid maker / fashion designer / shop owner
Instagram: mulashybridhaus / glamcult_store

Besides running your own fashion brand, you’re now the co-owner of the recently opened Glamcult Store. How did you roll into this new venture?
I had been planning this idea of opening up a shop for a very long time. Based on my own background as a designer, I felt the need to set up a space where designers can present their work, but also where our audience can come into contact with us; a meeting hub, really a physical place. After COVID I also had a much greater need for physical contact, so that plan had been in the works for a long time. At one point I met Rogier, the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Glamcult. We talked about my big plans, and we decided very quickly to do this together. Our common denominator is definitely the need to offer a platform. It’s a unique step to, as a designer and a fashion magazine, build a store concept that represents other artists and designers, but as individuals we felt very much that this was necessary. We also noticed that Amsterdam would really benefit from a place where younger designers are mixed with bigger brands.

What’s your favourite part of being a designer, and your favourite part of being a new store owner?
With my brand Mulas Hybrid Haus, I adopted the habit to involve a lot of other talented people, and work together rather than alongside each other. I like to dab into a lot of different creative disciplines. In this sense, what I do with Glamcult Store is an extension of what I was already doing with MHH. My love for other makers, combined with my collaborative spirit is what I most enjoy in both projects. I never aspired to be just a designer. I’m much more of a hybrid maker, and right now that means I’m creating a space. It’s not set in stone what I make. If I set my mind on doing something in my head, I just want to do that, without restricting myself and putting my work into a box.

What does your typical workday look like?
I’m moving into my studio, which is around the corner of the Glamcult Store. Since they are literally twenty seconds apart from each other, I think I will be in the studio a lot. We now also have an employee in the Glamcult Store, so that makes me more flexible. I see my studio as a place to design, and the store as a space where I can hold meetings with other creatives. I very much combine my “designership” with the curation of the store. I balance those two activities simultaneously, usually in one day, and I love it.

1. Most recent purchase (preferably something available in the store)? This body made by Ninamounah. I bought it immediately on the day of the shop opening. The spank print is just fantastic and the item itself is so versatile.

2. Name one Glamcult store designer/brand we should keep an eye on? XIMONLEE is a designer based in Berlin and Shanghai. He elevates classic fits such as a beautiful suit or a staple leather jacket by adding intricate details. Some items are even reversible.

3. Product/service that you like so much, you’d make free advertisement for? I’m very proud to say we sell Yume Yume and OutsiderWear; both brands established in Amsterdam.

5. Favourite artwork/artist from the store? Clara Lezla’s work is absolutely epic. She’s an artist and graphic designer living in The Hague, who blew me away with her unique take on ceramics.

6. Must-have bling/ staple piece of jewellery (preferably item available in store)? I’m a huge fan of Echo Shawna, a designer from Antwerp. What I really like about the pieces is that they elevate your outfit instantly. You don’t need anything else; her jewellery pieces make your entire fit. All her pieces are unique one-off’s.

7. Currently on your wishlist? This frayed cuts jacket by Sia Arnika is completely up my alley. I like how rough it looks, but when you look at how it’s made it’s actually a very delicate piece.

8. Favourite Instagram account? I know I mentioned Clara Lezla before, but I think everyone should go and follow bouncy_beni. This account gives me pure joy, and I would love to give it more exposure.

9. Favourite place? Right now, it’s definitely our store location. When we came across this empty space in the middle of ‘De Wallen’, we were certain that the shop had to be here. I actually lived here for a long time and love that this part of Amsterdam is still so raw, that it’s a place where many artists are settled, where you can walk to the bustling scene of Zeedijk or wander around small side streets to find unexpected gems. I couldn’t imagine having the shop anywhere else in Amsterdam.

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