Second to None: Mariam Kamara

As Amsterdam is teeming with creative personalities, we asked them about their all-time favourites. Instead of reinventing the wheel ourselves, we pick their brain on everything they swear by. Where do they prefer to eat, what’s their favourite holiday destination, the best book, their most recent clothing purchase – the works. This time around, we’ve asked May to do us the honour.

Name: Mariam (May) Kamara
Occupation: Model
Instagram: @may.nkamara

Spotted at:
the Duran Lantink runway in Hermitage Amsterdam during AFW Edition 2021, the MARTAN SS23 show during AFW Edition 2022. 

  1. Most recent purchase? Recently I decided I needed to change up my skincare routine. Through @pretty_on_purpose_beauty_suite I got exposed to the right products! My current favourite is The Ordinary More Molecules Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG.
  2. Must see? Paris is burning, because it’s iconic, legendary and a staple to culture and fashion, and Aladdin, just because!
  3. Must read? My favourite books are ‘It’s all about love’ and ‘A right to be hostile’. Special mention goes to:
  4. Brands/designers we should keep an eye on? @Mugleroffical – I just love Mugler, especially the way they present the clothing and themselves. @irisvanherpen – her designs are out of this world. Lastly, @schiaparelli – the way they push boundaries in accessories and clothing always inspires me.
  5. Product/service that you like so much, you’d make a free advertisement for? @lafamamsterdam, as I love what they have accomplished in terms of branding and design. @cybersex.official also deserves a shout out, as I really enjoy the way they create a safe space for their community!
  6. Favourite artwork/artist? I love Doja Cat and the way she expresses herself through music, fashion, and make up. Nicki Minaj is iconic, Mary j Blidge for music and fashion. UNIIQU3 is probably my favourite artist at the moment.
  7. Style icon? Rihanna, Aaliyah, Doja Cat, and Cher all had a major impact on the way I style myself.
  8. Favourite Instagram account? @costarastrology, because I’m a mess sometimes, and @yung.nollywood because of the vibes.
  9. Favourite restaurant? Rams Roti! It’s right around my corner, they have good food and the staff is really nice. New Dutch is a nice and chill place close to the canals, and finally, Brut de Mér has the best seafood experience ever!
  10. Favourite city? London, because it is so diverse, there are so many opportunities, people, places. It’s a city you can never outgrow and stays fascinating to me. I also love Paris because of the vibe but I feel that, if I would speak French, I would love it even more.

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