Second to None: Stylist Moritz Haedelt

As Amsterdam is teeming with creative personalities, we asked them about their all-time favourites. Instead of reinventing the wheel ourselves, we pick their brain on everything they swear by. Where do they prefer to eat, what’s their favourite travel destination, the best book, their most recent clothing purchase – the works. This time around, we’ve asked Amsterdam-based stylist Moritz Haedelt to do us the honour. 

 Moritz Haedelt
Occupation: Stylist
Instagram: @moritzmomi 

What styling job has defined you most as a stylist?
During my project ‘The Mud Nymphs’, I realised my true approach of styling. During my childhood, I was always busy creating different worlds and alternative universes in my head. This approach of world-building is very present in this project and revealed that my process has always been about telling a story about a specific creature, situation or feeling through textiles. Since that project I mostly build characters with full backstories before even thinking of garments.

Which client was the most fun to work with?
During the summer 2022, La Fam reached out to me to style their new campaign featuring Dorian Electra. La Fam gave me total creative freedom and trusted my vision from the beginning. Working with an international team in Barcelona and dressing one of my favourite performers was an absolute blessing.

Shameless self-promotion: what are you up to these days? Any exciting projects coming up? 
I am currently working together with Cedric Pradel on a new big project that will be released in 2023. We are creating creatures based on the babylonian star signs. Can’t wait to share more about this concept soon!

1. Last purchase? I recently bought the Puma Satori shoes from Eleonore Avrilleau. Her website is remarkable and full of amazing gems.
2. Must see? A definite must-see is the film Suspiria from 1977 and the new version from 2018. Tilda Swinton is just an icon. Every film with Helena Bonham Carter is worth watching and somebody feeling indifferent about Lord of the Rings is a big red flag for me.
3. Must read? My favourite magazine is definitely King Kong. In terms of books I was lucky to read Kafka’s masterpiece Die Verwandlung in school and since I still can not stop thinking about being transformed into a human-sized cockroach.
4. Brands/designers we should keep an eye on? Soma Faitanin, Rachel Klok, Freyja and The Nightmare Disorder are all providing imaginative stories within the medium fashion. They are proving Edelkoort wrong one garment at a time.
5. Product/service that you like so much, you’d make a free advertisement for? My friends Charlotte and Cedric have an amazing vintage store called Audelà. Their selection is marvellous and their queer mindset is providing a great space for all likeminded people.
6. Favourite artwork/artist? John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Nick Knight, Abhora, Leigh Bowery, Lady GagaJean-Baptiste Janisset, 100 gecs, Phillip Treacy, Thierry Mugler, Romain Coppin, Frederik Heyman, Salvador Dali, Jon Rafman and Arca.
7. Style icon? Daphne Guinness and Isabella Blow are on my moodboard of eternity. Their level of style is incomparable. So dark, so elegant, so exquisite yet so imaginative. But Lady Gaga from 2008 until 2013, Nina Hagen from the late 80s and early 90s and Galliano’s dramatic runway appearances at Dior in the 00s are worth mentioning as well.
8. Favourite Instagram account? Grossamer veil Archives and Fawwnblooded come to my mind. They are both very inspiring accounts that collect references close to the universe I am building.
9. Wishlist item? I am in desperate need of the tie from Urte Kat.
10. Favourite restaurant? If I’m in the mood for lovely food in combination with amazing wines you can find me at Wilde Zwijnen in the east of Amsterdam.
11. Favourite city? Amsterdam is my favourite city at the moment. I am so happy here and feel very at home. Coming from Berlin, it is simply great to live in a city where everything is reachable within a 30 min bike ride. It feels like a small city with all the big city benefits. Other than that, I have always enjoyed visiting Leipzig. I used to go to Leipzig for parties and exhibitions and always found a remarkable art community there.

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