Tess van Zalinge

After a showcase previewing the SS24 collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week, acclaimed fashion visionary Tess van Zalinge returns to Amsterdam and casts her spell over the canvas of Amsterdam Fashion Week’s grand opening. The stage, the elevated rooftop sanctuary atop the illustrious Boijmans Depot, becomes an altar to creativity, a setting where innovation intertwines with artistry to paint a portrait of conscious couture.

In a tableau that bridges the realms of fashion and the creative industry, twenty women of myriad talents step onto the stage, each adorned in the impeccable couture designs of Tess van Zalinge’s new collection ‘Klavertje Drie’. A string quartet adds a harmonious cadence to the event, as the audience reflects in the opulent mirror coated building.

Layers of sturdy woven fabric, mesh and chiffon create a portrait of a strong, frivolous, free yet rigid and mostly abundant collection. As the weather forecast predicted rain throughout the entire first day, the colour pallet reminiscent of a sun-casted spring day brought solace to the atmosphere, and contrasted nicely against reality, as long trails of ruffled skirts dramatically dragged through the puddles. Joyous pops of yellow and pink that intermingle with garments of stark-white, their shoulders sharpened and their structure resolute. A harmonious interplay of contrasting elements unfolds—sturdy corsetry and latex bodies dance alongside flowy blouses and puffer skirts. With each ensemble, a layered narrative of womanhood unfurls, an ode to the myriad facets that define it. The diverse cast of creatives including Cathelijne Blok and Tulin Sahin, further exemplifies the collection’s multifaceted nature.

There was an overwhelming feeling of intrigue, trying to understand the layers of craftsmanship, of materials coming together in ensembles that make perfect sense but remain a mystery all at the same time. As the models glide along the runway, the collective gasps of awe and admiration echo the ethos of the collection—admire what you have, work with what you find, and see beauty in every facet. This notion, gleaned from childhood summers spent seeking elusive four-leaf clovers and only ever coming across three-leaf ones, becomes the heart and soul of ‘Klavertje Drie,’ the couture collection that stands as a testament to Tess van Zalinge’s creative journey.

With each appearance, Tess van Zalinge elevates sustainable fashion to a realm of enchantment, transforming the discarded into the divine, and fostering a community of creators who recognise that every thread, every design, and every moment can be a celebration of both artistry and environmental stewardship. The show set the tone for a Fashion Week edition that showcases the importance of the marriage between craft, creativity and sustainability.


Photo’s by Isabelle Bucx

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