STUDIO AR presents concept ‘Bubble Illusion’ during pop-up at AFW Edition 2023

Assembling a highly talented crew including the creative duo Maria Bodil, 8 The Agency, and The HUB by AFW, the fashion label known for its washable leather presents an otherworldly view on the innovation that has gained them the title of leather visionary. During The HUB by AFW, STUDIO AR presents the fruits of their new collaboration in a fashion shoot and installation ‘Bubble Illusion’. Come by The HUB on the 1st and 2nd of September to be immersed in a walk through the ‘Bubble Illusion’ experience.


‘’We are thrilled to highlight our washable leather during this year’s edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week. Stretch leather has been a proud asset to our collections and our collaboration with 8 The Agency really brought the pieces to life’’.  – STUDIO AR

Developing a material that redefines the possibilities of leather, STUDIO AR is on the forefront of leather innovation and allows their pieces to be washable, durable, and stretchable. Working extensively with the material since 1985, their collections exude quality and creativity and exhibit a casual cool. Putting their brand ethos in the limelight, STUDIO AR developed a striking campaign and installation.

The women behind Maria Bodil, Lieve Maria Eek and Marthe Bodil Vos, are known for their minimal, timeless and surrealistic approach, hence saturating the ‘Bubble Illusion’ imagery with a hyper realistic feel and a futuristic elegance. The imagery will be presented at The HUB by AFW alongside an installation that is focused around the 3D bubbling effect and accommodates the fashion shoot in the most complementary way. With the washable stretch leather being at the heart of this experience, visitors are bound to get familiar with the revolutionary material when entering the STUDIO AR pop-up.

Open to public
STUDIO AR pop-up experience
The HUB by AFW – Fosbury & Sons, Prinsengracht 769
1-2 September 12-8PM


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