These are the fashion highlights of Museumnacht 2022

Upcoming weekend we delve into the elaborate program of the 22nd edition of Museumnacht; the only night Amsterdam opens the doors of over 60 museums after closing hours. With a line-up of incredible artists, performances and workshops, we listed the top fashion-related events to enjoy on the 5th of November.


Fashion for Good Museum – Pray what you preach! Upcycle workshop
This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Museumnacht schedule of the Fashion for Good Museum. A perfect place to start if you’re looking to get an understanding of the wide scope fashion practices its influence on society. This edition, the museum hosts an upcycle workshop and gives you the tools to make a new garment out of and old cotton shirt, sweater or blouse from your own wardrobe.

Tropenmuseum – Plastic Crush
Museumnacht hosts the premier of Plastic Crush; an exhibition dedicated to the dubious role of plastic in society. Plastic Crush introduces four young designers whom each present work inspired by selected objects from the museum’s pre-plastic collection. Aside from the brand-new exhibition, plastic expert Daniël Poolen further embroiders on the topic of our love-hate relationship with plastic in the lecture: “Do we need to go into relationship therapy with plastic?”.

Tip: Tropenmuseum –The Smibological mindset as a form of creative rebellion
Smib started out as a collective platform of artists from Amsterdam Zuidoost. With a focus on independently producing hiphop music, its members have since launched the fashion brand SUMIBU (whom you might have heard of as it’s one of the biggest streetwear brands in The Netherlands) as well as their own educational program: Smibanese University. In “The Smibological mindset as a form of creative rebellion” Prof. Soortkill discusses the link between hiphop and our colonial heritage, and passes on the lessons you can learn from adopting a ‘smibological mindset’. 

Stichting NDSM-werf – Discover new art talent with young curator Jarwo Gibson
Every year, the NDSM-werf Foundation invites a young curator to curate a part of the program. This edition the foundation selected AFW familiar face and founder of the ABCNDstore in Amsterdam-Noord Jarwo Gibson. he will bring artists, designers and makers from the world of visual arts, fashion and design. The event allows you to discover new talent and crossovers, and score a work of art, piece of clothing or design object on the spot.

Arti et Amicitiae – Transhumanism by Mette Sterre
Mette Sterre is a creative hybrid, renown costume designer and installation artist. Her sculptural body masks play the lead role in the performance piece “Transhumanism”, where the artist explores robotics, transhumanism, eroticism, intersectional feminism and speculative worlds. The perfect mixture of creative disciplines, this event comes as a highly recommended one for those that look at textile design as a true art form and fashion as more than just cloth.

Tip: Van Gogh Museum – Shine bright like a diamond: Tooth Gems
In case you didn’t get the chance to embellish your teeth with the toothgem artistry of 95GEMS during Amsterdam Fashion Week Edition 2022, head to Van Gogh Museum at 7 PM. The entrance hall of the museum will be dedicated to talented Tooth Gem experts encouraging everyone to turn themselves into a walking art piece.

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