What’s on in March: Fashion event calendar

Coming down from the overwhelming amount of fashion week content we’ve been absorbing in February, March marks the end of a buzzing period in the industry. For those who can’t get enough and didn’t get their hands on a Paris Fashion Week ticket, there’s plenty of fashion related events in The Netherlands this month! From solo work displays, to store openings and fashion exhibitions, here’s a breakdown of the when and where’s.


Glamcult – Official Glamcult Store Opening
When: The whole month with the official opening on the 3rd of March
Where: Dollebegijnensteeg 5, Amsterdam

Religiously reporting on the underground scene of culture, fashion magazine Glamcult revealed their next step towards safeguarding and celebrating the talent that operates outside the realm of mainstream. Glamcult announced the opening of its brand-new store, curated for the “Worldwide Underground”, and focused on fashion as well as design. Making sure that everyone knows they are in no means a pop-up store, Glamcult sees their new hub as a meeting place for their community and a creative launch pad for upcoming underground talent. The first 10 days, the shop will be taken over by Calvin Klein, featuring an exhibition of Amsterdam creatives alongside their pre-spring ‘23 collection, New Utility.

Fashion for Good – Knowing Cotton Otherwise
When: Until September 30th
Where: Fashion for Good Museum – Rokin 102, Amsterdam

Curated by Musoke Nalwoga, Alyxandra Westwood and Sophie van Duren, and directed by artist Sophie Douala, Fashion for Good’s new exhibition invites visitors to explore and discover cotton “otherwise”. Names such as Benoît Gilles Michel, Caithlin Courtney Chong, Mario Gonsalves, Niño Divino, Noah Cohen and Studio Papa present work that connects and intersects with different themes relating to the story of cotton. Apart from cotton’s burdened history as well as its innovative implementations worldwide, we are most excited for the expo’s chapter: ‘Bodies of Work’, which explores cotton’s use and re-use in fashion and tech.

Philipp Schueller x Warehouse x Das Leben am Haverkamp – Procrustinacean
When: 10th-19th of March
Where: Stille Veerkade 19, The Hague

Once part of designer duo Schueller de Waal, we’ve first encountered Philipp’s work at Amsterdam Fashion Week, and later on at Paris Fashion Week. With the duo announcing the end of SDW in 2021, the designer announced that his future endeavours will be focused on becoming a fashion biologist. Two years later, through performance, conversation and objects, Schueller presents his found parallels between fashion’s compulsive drive toward the new and a profound evolutionary urge. Exploring his idea of “fashion species”, he researched how clothing can shape-shift once it leaves the human body. The exhibition is co-produced by Das Leben am Haverkamp and Warehouse, and will be taking place in the Das Leben am Haverkamp studio.

Karim Adduchi x Tess van Zalinge x Amsterdam Museum – Continue This Thread
When: Until September 3rd
Where: Amsterdam Museum – Amstel 51, Amsterdam

Responding to the rising return of crafting techniques on the runway and the current demand for handmade one-off pieces, Amsterdam-based fashion designers Karim Adduchi (AFW 2016 opening act) and Tess van Zalinge (AFW 2017 debut show) take on the role of guest curators and explore the power of craftsmanship for the new exhibition ‘Continue This Thread’. Connecting the dots between their own creations, collections of the Amsterdam Museum and works by other makers, Van Zalinge and Adduchi explore craft as carrier of personal messages and communal identity, a therapeutic tool, and a gateway to a more sustainable fashion industry.

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