Win tickets to the AFW x PAN Amsterdam talk: The future of fashion

On Wednesday the 22nd of November, Amsterdam Fashion Week’s director Danie Bles and Art-Director at 8 The Agency Simone Baltink take the lead in a conversation with Alljan Moehamad, Deyrinio Fraenk, David Mahyari and Desiree Kleinen, and play off their perspective on the future of fashion against each other. This exclusive talk is a highlight of the “Style Icon” day at the prestigious PAN Amsterdam art fair, offering a unique opportunity to delve into the minds of influential figures within the fashion realm. Join us as we celebrate the fusion of art and fashion, and be part of a conversation that transcends boundaries and ignites creativity. Read on to discover how you can claim your tickets!


Amsterdam Fashion Week | The future of fashion
Immerse yourself in the vibrant dialogue shaping the future of fashion as Amsterdam Fashion Week’s Director Danie Bles and Art-Director at 8 The Agency Simone Baltink orchestrate a captivating conversation between industry visionaries Alljan Moehamad, Deyrinio Fraenk, David Mahyari and Desiree Kleinen. This dynamic exchange promises to unveil fresh and exhilarating insights into the evolving landscape of fashion.

“It’s crucial to recognise that the future of fashion lies in breaking away from the fast-paced, pressure-driven, and polluting fashion industry. Our conversation will therefore revolve around the creation of brand value and the expression of creativity – that’s where the future lies.” – Danie Bles

About PAN
PAN Amsterdam, an annual art fair, showcases a diverse range of art, antiques, and design, attracting over 45,000 art enthusiasts. From classical antiquity and old masters to contemporary art, photography, antiques, and design furniture, the fair provides a unique opportunity to compare, gather information, and make remarkable discoveries.

David Mahyari
David Mahyari is the CEO of SolidNature, a cutting-edge natural stone design company at the nexus of technology and art. Pioneering in innovative solutions that seamlessly meld the realms of creativity and craftsmanship, the company is renowned for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Desiree Kleinen
Desiree Kleinen is a fashion designer with over two decades of experience in prestigious luxury houses, and the founder of Ree Projects, an Amsterdam-based luxury brand celebrated for its distinctive line of understated yet powerful luxury bags. As a woman of colour and entrepreneur, Kleinen embarked on this journey with a deep understanding of the fashion industry’s intricacies, aiming to foster much-needed change within the fashion industry.

Alljan Moehamad and Deyrinio Fraenk (Atelier Reservé)
Visual artist Alljan Moehamad and designer Deyrinio Fraenk are the founders of upcycling fashion brand Atelier Reservé. Their alchemical mastery lies in the fusion of vintage materials, discarded fabrics, and repurposed attire. A melange of patterns, textures, and silhouettes that tell stories of heritage, evolution, and revolution, and serve as a harmonious interplay of ancient Japanese artistry and the defiance of tattoo subculture.

How to claim your tickets
Amsterdam Fashion Week is giving away 10 tickets to the AFW x PAN Amsterdam talk: The future of fashion. Visit our Instagram and find out how to participate!

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