Meet the 10 Lichting 2022 finalists: Tara Hollander

We are more than proud to present the 10 finalists of Lichting 2022. Before their debut to the public on the 2nd of September, AFW sat down with each participant to talk about their collection and their plans for the upcoming Lichting show. This week we would like to introduce you to ArtEZ graduate Tara Hollander!


How did the concept behind your graduation collection come to being?
The concept of my collection originated from my fascination with the anatomy of a human body. This subject has always been interesting to me because of all the elements and functions it holds, and the fact that it is all covered by skin.
I get excited when I use this subject in my designs, as for me there is no better way to use this inspiration, other than in something that you can wear on your body.

How would you describe your signature as a designer? How does this reflect in your collection?
My signature as a designer is my eye for detail in every aspect of a garment; from material to technique. For materials I find it important that the fabric I use has a certain depth. I like fabrics that have a history or texture to them, because the designs then have more story behind it and feel better on the skin. In technique I also put focus on detail.
Because I like to design unique shapes, I have to create techniques with an eye for detail to be able to create the shape I am aiming for. The pants of one suit, for instance, are made with two pairs of pants worn on top of each other, to create a certain silhouette when the model is moving.

On July 29th, you were introduced to the Lichting jury for the first time. How did you experience this moment? What feedback do you take with you to your presentation during AFW?
I really liked showing my work to the judges of Lichting because I was able to express myself to them with my work in a short amount of time. It felt really comfortable, because they were listening very carefully and patiently, and seemed very interested.

Which piece from the collection are you most proud of? Why?
In every look of my collection I used a different technique, while still having the same focus on the concept. I did this because I wanted to see all kinds of different ways to approach my inspiration and ideas into a design. I would say I like my collection the best all together because the complete collection shows my concept in the most accurate way. If I would have to choose however, I would say my anatomy knitted dress. If I think of all the techniques I used in my collection, making a knitted dress all by myself surprised me the most.

What would be the ideal way to present your collection to the public in September? Can you already say something about what you currently have in mind?
The way I am going to present my work the 2nd of September is going to be a bit of a surprise. I think I will do something a bit different than a catwalk show, but I still have to think about all the details. It is amazing that we have the freedom to present it the way we would like to, so the coming weeks I will think of all kinds of possibilities!

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